Guild Wars 2 Warrior Axe Skills

The Axe is one of the many weapons available to those Players that have decided on the Warrior Profession as their calling, and it has the added benefit of the possibility of Dual Wielding, as it is a one handed weapon. The other one handed weapons are the Sword and the Axe, and these can be Dual Wielded in any combination. The Axe focuses on melee damage, though has aspects of both Boons to the Player and Conditions to inflict on your foe.

The first Skill in the Axe Skill Set is Eviscerate, a devastating attack that causes the Player to leap towards their foe and hit them with a powerful attack. Due to the fact that it encompasses a leap, it is a good method of closing the gap between you and an enemy who may be more proficient in ranged combat, such as a Ranger in Player Versus Player, and can also be used to catch up to a fleeing foe and finish them off. It is a Burt attack, and as such it uses all of the Warrior’s Available adrenaline, and is naturally its power is proportionate to the amount of Adrenaline available on casting. It has a 10 second recharge time.

Chop is a basic melee attack that chops at your foe to deal damage, and as it is the first non Burst Skill in the Skill Set, it has no recharge time. It can be chained further with Double Chop, which as the title suggests chops your foe twice for further damage, and the combo is rounded off will Triple Chop, delivering a final three chops to the enemy. Since these have no recharge time, they act as the go to attack for the Axe wielding Warrior, and can be useful in almost any situation.

Cyclone Axe is a radial attack that causes the Player to spin around, swinging their Axe and damaging all nearby foes. It is a good way to deal damage to enemies that have swarmed you, which can sometimes pose a problem for single minded melee weapons. It is most effective when the Player is at the centre of a cluster or group of foes, and ideally one made up of numerous, weaker foes. It has a 6 second recharge time.

Dual Strike causes the Player to swing full force at their enemy with both of their weapons. This naturally requires Dual Wielding, and as stated above the other weapon that the Player is using can be a Sword, a Mace or even just another Axe. In any case, this is a powerful attack that comes with the added bonus of granting the Player the Boon Fury for two seconds, which gives the Player a 20 per cent higher chance of landing a critical hit for its duration. Evidently, Dual Strike can be a very powerful attack, and it has a 12 second recharge time.

Finally, Whirling Axe acts as an upgraded version of Cyclone Axe, and as such has the same property of causing the Player to spin around all while swinging their Axe and damaging any foes that have the misfortune of being nearby at the time. The difference here, however, is that the Player can move while spinning, which is a devastating addition. This allows the Player to rip through a far larger group, and also enables them to keep on foes or other Players that will try to get out of the way of the attack. Like Cyclone Axe, it is best used against a cluster of foes, but unlike Cyclone Axe, it doesn’t matter if the Player is in the center of the group or not as they can simple steer the attack towards the enemies. Due to the fact that Whirling Axe can take out many enemies, in particular if they are smaller and more numerous, it has a relatively hefty recharge time of 20 seconds.

That sums up the Set of Skills available to the Warrior that has chosen the Axe as their weapon of choice. They all focus on melee, and are limited in range, though attacks such as the Burst Skill Eviscerate can contain aspects such as a leap, which can serve to amend the problem. In addition, the Axe can be combined with either a Sword or Mace to provide versatility, but will overall suit the Player who prefers close quarters, visceral combat, as opposed to what could be considered drawn out, long range battles that are more favored by Warriors who choose the Rifle or Longbow, or even the Ranger or Elementalist professions.

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