Guild Wars 2 Stats Guide

Compared to other MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 has a very unique stat system. Fortunately, this GW2 stats guide will go over all of the primary and secondary stats and attributes in-game so you know exactly what each one does and what professions benefit from them.

Guild Wars 2 Primary Attributes

There are 4 primary stats used by all classes in Guild Wars 2:

  • Power – Increases your “attack” stat by 1 point. Attack increases the damage of your abilities. Naturally, all classes benefit from this stat. Attack is determined by your weapon damage plus your power stat. This value is then used with your skill’s particular multiplier to determine damage.
  • Precision – Precision increases your chance to critically hit with attacks. While all professions benefit from precision, this attribute is particularly useful when stacked on classes with good burst damage (i.e. Thief) in PvP. No other stats increase your chance to critically hit, but some traits and buffs can increase this chance. Critical hits do 150% damage plus your Prowess.
  • Toughness – Toughness increases your armor by 1 point. Toughness plus Defense is your total armor and that determines how much incoming damage is reduced by.
  • Vitality – Each point of vitality increases your max health by 10 points. Health also increases noticeably as you level up.

As you can see, the primary stats in Guild Wars 2 are very streamlined and useful for every class. In the next part of this stats guide, we will cover the secondary attributes.

Secondary Attributes in GW2:

  • Compassion – Compassion increases the strength of your healing skills. It is like Power for healing skills. Classes that want to do a lot of healing can consider adding on this stat. This stat effects all skills, even self-heals, so a class with a lot of self-healing like the Engineer may choose to add on this stat.
  • Concentration – Concentration increases the duration of all your boons (buffs). This includes the duration of boons casted on other players. Classes like the Guardian which have a lot of boons can benefit from this stat.
  • Expertise – Expertise increases the duration of your condition effects. Caster classes which have a lot of debuffs can often benefit the most from this stat, as it keeps your conditions running longer on your targets.
  • Malice – Malice increases the damage of your condition effects. Many classes like the Warrior have a lot of strong bleed effects whereas the Elementalist has a lot of Earth bleeds and Fire burns; all of these can benefit from Malice.
  • Prowess – Prowess increases the strength of your critical hits. Prowess makes your critical hits do more than 150% damage, giving you more powerful abilities. This stat works best when your Power and Critical Hit stats are already high. If your Power is too low or your critical hit is too low, Prowess is not as effective. Think of it as an end-game stat.

Class-Specific Attributes

In addition to the 4 primary stats and 5 secondary stats, there is 1 attribute specific to each class that provides that profession with a class-specific buff. The function of these attributes is self-evident:

  • Attunement Recharge Rate – Decreases the lockout period between shifting Attunements for the Elementalist.
  • Burst Damage – Increases the amount of damage dealt by the Warrior’s Burst abilities.
  • Life Force Pool – Increases the size of the Necromancer’s Life Force Pool.
  • Pet Attribute Bonus – Increases the the stats of the Ranger’s pets.
  • Shredding Recharge Rate – Decreases the cooldown on Shatter skills for the Mesmer.
  • Steal Recharge Rate – Decreases the cooldown on steal for the Thief.
  • Virtue Recharge Rate- Decreases the cooldown on Virtue skills for the Guardian.

When it comes to these class-specific stats, they may or may not be useful to your playstyle and that is something you will have to decide for yourself. For example, Attunement Recharge Rate is ideal for someone who switches frequently between elemental attunements, whereas this is not required for successful Elementalist play.

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