Guild Wars 2 Skill Points Guide

In this Guild Wars 2 Skill Points guide, we are going to go over what skill points are, how they work, and how you can get access to additional points.

What are Skill Points in GW2?

Skill points are points that you can place into certain skills and traits in Guild Wars 2. Many of your profession’s unique abilities will come from Skill Points, particularly those known as slot skills. Your healing skill fills up slot 6 on the action bar, your “utility skills” fill up slots 7, 8, and 9, whereas your Elite skill fills up the “0″ slot.

Regardless of your current number of skill points, each slot unlocks at a different level. You start at level 1 with your healing skill unlocked, you unlock slot #7-9 at levels 5, 10, and 20 respectively, and you unlock your elite skill at level 30.

Using Your Skill Points

You can assign your skill points to unlock new skills by opening up the Hero Panel and then selecting the “Skills and Traits” section. Skill points can then be spent to unlock abilities for the slots that you have unlocked. Simply click on the ability you want, confirm it, and then you are ready to equip it and use it.

Be careful before you spend your skill points as skill point selections are permanent! Your abilities will stay unlocked after you purchase them, but you cannot refund your skill points if you want to unlock another ability.

Fortunately, if you pick the wrong skill, do not worry, as this only costs you time rather than a permanent penalty. There are a several different ways to earn skill points, so you do not have to worry about getting locked out of any skills.

However, you also do not want to waste your skill points on things you will never use, because you can trade your extra skill points forBloodstone Shards. These are used in crafting legendary weapons for your character, so you should still be careful about what you spend your points on.

Earning Skill Points in Guild Wars 2

There are three types of ways you can earn and unlock more skill points in Guild Wars 2:

  • You earn 1 skill point each time you level up, starting at level 5.
  • You can earn skill points by completing “skill challenges”. These are marked on the map, so be sure to explore all areas so you can see which NPCs are offering these challenges. These typically have you fight a powerful enemy or group of enemies and reward you with a skill point after beating them and picking up whatever item they are guarding.
  • You earn 1 skill point from getting extra experience points at 80. There seems to be no limit to these skill points, and you will need to earn a bunch of these in order to get the bloodstone shards for your legendary weapons.

Skill Point Cost of Skills in Guild Wars 2

While you can get over 70 skill points from leveling up, an easy 75+ from challenges, and an unlimited amount from earning experience points past level 80, most skills cost more than 1 skill point. Higher “tier” skills, which tend to be better, cost more skill points. In particular:

  • Healing: Your tier 1 healing skill is free, your tier 2 costs 1 skill point, and your tier 3 skill costs 3 skill points.
  • Utility: Tier 1 skills are 1 point, Tier 2 skills are 3 points, and Tier 3 skills are 6 points.
  • Elite: Tier 1 skills are 10 points and tier 2 skills are 30 points.

If you remember two things from this Guild Wars 2 guide, remember that your choices are permanent, so be careful before dropping 30 points on an Elite skill that might turn out to be not so good, but also remember that you can always earn more skill points by getting some extra experience points. For tips on earning experience points, check out our Guild Wars 2 leveling guide.

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