Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Stats Guide

In Guild Wars 2, a character’s proficiency in combat is determined by their Attributes. The Player has an opportunity to improve their Attributes whenever they level up. Attributes come in three types; Primary Attributes which affect a character’s general power, Secondary Attributes which pander to more specific types of combat, and Profession Specific Attributes which are designed to aid a particular Profession.

Upon leveling up, a Player spends points in relevant Trait Trees to improve Secondary Attributes or Profession Specific Attributes, but Primary Attributes increase automatically. As such, one should choose carefully when assigning their points as this will affect how skilled a Character is in certain types of combat. There are 10 Attributes in total; 4 Primary Attributes, 5 Secondary Attributes and 1 Profession Attribute per Profession. Profession Attributes, naturally, are exclusive to their relevant Profession. Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Traits Guide

In Guild Wars 2, traits are like talent points that you can use to enhance your character’s abilities. Traits work in two ways: each new trait you unlock not only provides a specific bonus, but also gives you some sort of stat point reward based on which section you invested in.

The Elementalist, like all professions, has 5 different branches of talents it can choose from: Fire, Air, Water, Earth, and Arcana. Below, you will discover what each trait section gives as a bonus, what some of the best skills are, and what types of Elementalists can best use each trait. Continue reading

Elementalist Scepter Skills List

The Scepter is a one-handed weapon that can only be used in the Main Hand, and as such it offers less skills than the Staff, which is two handed, or the Dagger, which is dual-wield. This is because the Scepter can be combined with the Focus, thus adding their skills together. The Scepter Skills are a mix of pure damage, condition inflicting and defensive Skills, and as such make up a versatile set.

There are only three skills for each element (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) available to the Scepter, which combine, when dual wielding, with the 2 available for each to the Focus to make full sets of 5. Continue reading

Elementalist Focus Skills List

The Focus is a one-handed weapon that can only be used in the Off Hand, as such it offers less skills than the Staff, which is two handed, or the Dagger, which is dual-wield. This is because the Focus can be combined with the Scepter, thus adding their skills together.

The Focus Skill set is a healthy mix of offensive, defensive, healing and condition-causing spells that make it applicable to many situations, and is very versatile in particular when combined with the Skill Set made available by wielding a Scepter in the other hand. Continue reading

Elementalist Dagger Skills List

Since the Dagger can be dual-wielded and is a viable melee choice of weapon, the Elementalist Skills that accompany it focuses on moving around, darting in and damaging your opponent quickly.

Elementalist Dagger Skills: Fire

The Fire Skills focus on damaging your opponents and adding to your maneuverability, making you more difficult to hit.

The first Fire Skill is the basic Dragon’s Claw, which fires a spread of claw-shaped fire at your enemy as a simple way to inflict damage. As it is the first skill, it has no recharge time. This is one of the more powerful basic skills you get with any weapon or element combo. Continue reading

Elementalist Staff Skills List

There are 20 Skills available to the Staff-Wielding Elementalist, with each major Element (Fire, Water, Air and Earth) offering 5 skills.

Elementalist Staff Skills: Fire

The Fire Skills for the Staff utilize flames to damage your opponents, and often work on attacking multiple enemies at once. These skills often affect large areas, and as such are perfect for PvP World versus World matches where there will be a lot of foes in one area. Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide

In this Guild Wars 2 Elementalist guide, you will discover what playing the Elementalist is like, the strengths and weaknesses of this class, what skills are available to it through its variety of weapons and element selections, traits and finally tips on taking advantage of the mechanics unique to this Guild Wars 2 class.

GW2 Elementalist Guide Table of Contents

- Elementalist Dagger Skills List
- Elementalist Focus Skills List
- Elementalist Staff Skills List
- Elementalist Scepter Skills List
- Elementalist Traits
- Elementalist Stats Guide

Since the Elementalist has so many skills, we have separated the skills section based on the weapon equipped as well as added a separate section on traits. The rest of this Elementalist guide will focus on gameplay, attunements, and crafting recommendations. Continue reading